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If you own a flat, maisonette or a house on a private estate where there are shared facilities, you will be contributing towards the upkeep and maintenance.


By law your service charge must be levied in accordance with your lease or covenant and accounts must be provided each year to explain and justify the service charge that you pay.


It is vital that the accountant who prepares or certifies the accounts is well versed in the law and  fully understands how your lease or covenant works. Arundales Chartered Accountants specialise in this area and will be happy to help you prepare your service charge accounts every year. We are also registered auditors and are able to provide auditors reports when required by a lease.


We currently prepare the service charge accounts for almost 200 estates ranging from a simple account for five houses to multiple schedule accounts for an estate of over 500 flats.


The majority of our clients are Residents Property Management Companies who value the fact that we are independent of their managing agent and can provide assurance regarding the validity of costs incurred whilst ensuring, as far as possible, that the accounts are free from error.


Your estate may not have a management company and the managing agent and accountant could well be appointed by your landlord. If this is not working satisfactorily for you the law does provide a way for you to take control of these appointments and we would be happy to advise you.


The quality of the work undertaken to prepare and certify your service charge accounts has a direct impact on whether you are paying the correct amount of service charge.


To ensure that you are getting value for money from your service charge payment call the specialists at Arundales Chartered Accountants.

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If you would like to know more about any aspect of service charges why not give Peter Beddard a call on

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